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    Listen to perspectives from other fathers about important topics on the go.
    Download, print, and share resources you find helpful on our site.
  • VIDEOS View organized collections of videos speaking to racial discrimination, racial identity, and sexual health.
    Track your progress throughout our educational content. Our online curriculum was created to help fathers begin or continue conversations about sexual health, racial identity, and racial discrimination with their sons.

What we've learned...

Fathers perceived barriers when talking about sex with their sons

  1. Fathers lack of experience with talking about sex with their own fathers
  2. Not knowing how to begin the conversations about sex
  3. What conversations are appropriate specific to their sons age and understanding of sex
  4. African-American Fathers' Perspectives on Facilitators and Barriers to Father-Son Sexual Health Communication
  5. The Need for Parent-Adolescent Conversations About Racial Discrimination in HIV Prevention Interventions

The TALK can be utilized by mothers

We encourage mothers to leverage the information in this mobile application to join in the discussion with fathers or begin the conversations with their sons.

Although, our primary focus is on black fathers, mothers can leverage the content to 1) build healthy relationships with their sons, and 2) empower their sons to make healthy sexual health decisions and have a positive racial identity.

Our Partners

"We Are" is addressing both systematic and idealogical racism particularly in youth, parents, and educators with the hope of providing anti-racist education in a more equitable society.

"We Are" reimagines educational systems so that all children, particularly black and brown, can exist in spaces that affirm their identity and dignity, promote their educational advancement, and support their  social and emotional well being.


  • Aaron Lide, Jr.
    Aaron Lide, Jr.
    CEO, Black Fly on the Wall Productions, LLC.
  • Akili Hester
    Akili Hester
    Barber & Owner of Black Wall Street Barbershop; Durham, NC
  • Candice Lewis
    Candice Lewis
    School Counselor & Community Member
  • Cherie Conley
    Cherie Conley, PhD
    Global Health and Disparities Research Associate
    Community Member
  • Cori Dunn
    Cori Dunn
    Stylist & Owner, Well Dunn Studios
    Community Member
  • Crystal Taylor
    Crystal Taylor
    Founder of Get Happy Organization
  • Harvey Hinton, III
    Harvey Hinton, III, PhD
    Executive Director, CAARE: The Healing Center
  • Kelvis Tann
    Kelvis Tann
    Men's Health Advocate
    Community Member
  • Selena Monk
    Selena Monk, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Community Member
  • Tamica Hughes
    Tamica Hughes
    Founder, Level Up Parenting
  • Davon Washington
    Davon Washington
    Community Member
  • Terrence Pleasants, LCSWA
    Social Worker
    Community Member
  • Timothy Gene Blackmon
    Timothy "Gene" Blackmon
    Barber & Owner of Prestige Barber College; Greensboro, NC
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