Using PrEP and Doing it for Ourselves (UPDOs)

By The HEEAT Research Lab


UPDOs Protective Styles is a salon-based intervention being developed and tested in partnership with researchers and the community to promote awareness, knowledge and uptake of preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among Black women living in the United States south. UPDOs takes a comprehensive approach and addresses overall health of Black women in the US.



Black women continue to have disparities and inequities in health. Black women in the US make up 12%  but account for 60% of new HIV cases among women in the US. PrEP is a pill that if taken daily reduces the risk of one contracting HIV. It has been proven to be 92% effective, however, less than 1% of Black women who are eligible for PrEP actually use it.

Stylist with Blow Dryer

The 3 Major Components of the UPDOs Project

Training For Beauty Industry

Training for Beauty Industry

Entertainment Videos

Entertainment Videos

Access To PrEP Navigators

Access to PrEP Navigators

Research Team

Our Team

  • Schenita Randolph, PI
  • Ragan Johnson, Co-I
  • Mehri McKellar, Collaborator
  • Allison Johnson, CRC

Community Partners

  • David Saunders, PrEP Navigator
  • Crystal Taylor, Executive Producer, Wright Place
  • Tamica Campbell Hughes, Beauty Salon Owner and Stylist
  • Cori Dunn, Beauty Salon Owner and Stylist
Contact Us

Contact Us

Email: theheeat@duke.edu
Phone: (919) 613-9589
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